Web-Based RMA System | Features and Benefits

General RMA System features & Benefits

  • Fully customize ANY TEXT on your front-end or customer-facing RMA System. Since every industry has a unique set of common terminologies then presenting your customers with the right terms will help facilitate a more effective customer support.
  • Responsive web design (RWD) - Customer facing user interface is designed for optimal viewing experience across all devices including smart phones, tablets and modern desktops. Individual customers that have single item returns usually prefer to use their mobile phones. Your B2B customers or power users usually still prefer desktop or a laptop as they tend to send multiple requests with multiple items in each request. Our system automatically renders into the most optimal view depending on your customer's device.
  • Translate ANY TEXT on your front-end or customer-facing RMA System to any language that conforms to ISO/IEC 8859-1. But this is not enough... because we want to give you the most flexibility.
  • **New Feature** Translate ANY TEXT on your front-end or customer-facing RMA System to ANY LANGUAGE based on Unicode. Unicode covers all of the languages that can be written in the following scripts: Latin, Greek, Cyrillic, Armenian, Hebrew, Arabic, Syriac, Thaana, Devanagari, Bengali, Gurmukhi, Oriya, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam, Sinhala, Thai, Lao, Tibetan, Myanmar, Georgian, Hangul, Ethiopic, Cherokee, Canadian Aboriginal Syllabics, Khmer, Mongolian, Han (Japanese, Chinese, Korean ideographs), Hiragana, Katakana, and Yi.

    When enabled, your customers will see a dropdown list of the different language versions of your portal and they can choose which version they understand well.

    Make your returns-portal site support your international customers!

  • Custom name for your own personalized RMA System. Supports custom sub-domain name or full domain name.
  • No need to download and/or install programs to your computer. All data and processes are hosted online in a service "cloud". Vendors and customer can access RMA status anytime of the day.
  • Multiple users or Customer Service Rep (CSR) accounts. Each account having its own login and password. Different customers can be assigned to designated CSRs which enhances control and accountability.
    In addition, emails to customers that are triggered from the system can be made as sent by the Account Rep; hence, any email replies from the customer will go directly to that account representative. You can also configure the system to have the account rep receive all claims and returns that are requested by the accounts that are assigned to him/her. This way, your account rep can offer a more personalized service to each of their assigned clients.
  • Designed for any type of vendors - Manufacturers, Distributors, Suppliers. Whether your company is a startup, or a huge publicly traded company - we can support your needs.
  • Business To Business (B2B) Returns Processing. Getting claims request and returns request from wholesalers? We have rich functionalities for B2B relationships.
  • Business To Consumers (B2C) Returns Processing. We support small, medium and big retailers. Some returns-reverse logistics solutions work only in the USA, ours work for all countries.
  • Configurable via administration link. Control your settings from a robust backend system infrasctructure.
  • Support for Single, or Multiple items per or RMA Case
  • Allow customer to import request items from a CSV file. This is great for manufacturers with big B2B customers such as wholesalers and distributors who receive a ton of items in a single return transaction. Just have your customer upload that list and you're done, both parties save time!
  • Paperless returns processing.
  • Automatic email notifications for customers when new updates to their RMA Case are available.
  • Automatic email notifications for vendor when new RMA Requests are on the way, or are pending.
  • 24 x 7 RMA System availability
  • Can upload Product Codes or Model Codes from CSV files
  • Can upload Customer Accounts from CSV files
  • Associate attachments in many different file formats to an RMA for supplemental information. You may ask the customer to upload or attach an image, a PDF file, a Word or Excel file -- anything that will help faciliate the quickest resolution.
  • Generate RMA Number barcode. You can have the system automatically generate a number, or you can specify a manual RMA Case ID or Number if you need to be flexible.
  • Automated Internal Notifications for multi-department messaging eliminates manually emailing your coworkers for case status updates. Customer support is made great not just by the Customer Care and Repair teams. Other departments can receive alerts when a case is escalated to specific status that need to be aware of so that they can act/prepare accordingly. No need to do a manual notification between departments.
  • Automatic Warranty Check Validation gives your full control on what passes thru the RMA request process.
  • Product Serial Number validator streamlines your returns-validation process so that only products with valid serial numbers under warranty are handled correctly.
  • Complete online customer assistance from creating an account, submitting inquiries, password recovery, case status check and case follow-up.
  • Customers can print pre-formatted packaging label and RMA form/Packing Slip before shipping their items.
  • Ability for customer services reps (CSR) to create an RMA case on behalf of the customer. You want to keep getting those big orders from your high-value customers? Great! You can continue to give special attention to those High-Value customers of yours by doing the returns filing for them. They'll receive confirmations of the transactions, and then spend their time on placing more orders -- not requesting returns.
  • Vendors do not need a staff with programming experience. All controls and operations are web-driven. We also have dedicated user-guides or operating manuals for specific users, especially the Customer Service Reps.
  • Incredibly easy to use! Customer Service Reps will be so much more productive.
  • Powerful Reporting Features (with graphs and statistics) that will enable management and decision makers see the big picture.
  • Multi-department internal automated message deployments as an RMA case moves from one status to another.
  • Use User-Defined-Fields to collect information from your user, either as plain text field or offer a finite list of options presented as a dropdown input.
  • Specify your own SMTP server to fully control your email notifications and gain greater flexibility such as controlling your SPF (Sender Policy Framework). A common issue with using a service provider is that your notification emails can be marked as "spam" with B2B customers who have strict email infrastructure protocols. With our system, you will have the ability to specify your own SMTP email server so that your emails are always inherently fully trustworthy.
  • Optional RESTful Web-APIs are available for developers
  • Includes Step-By-Step on-boarding manual to help new accounts jumptart their skills in using their returns portal.
  • Includes a separate guide specially made for CSRs to help them on their most common daily routines.
  • No need for extensive training for your customer service reps to start using the system! Other systems are just too complicated to use. Our research team simplified the most common processes involved in returns management, giving you great control with so much ease.
  • ........and more, so start your trial today!

Some of the specific RMA Processing features:

  • Review, reject or approve new RMA Requests
  • Review, reject or approve existing RMA Cases
  • Assign automatically generated RMA Numbers.
  • Support for custom formatting of RMA Number.
  • Support for manual RMA Number assignment.
  • Automatic email sent to customer upon RMA Case Approval
  • Support for multiple vendor receiving centers
  • Reject or Approve individual items from a multiple-item RMA case
  • Support for encoding individual item status like Warranty Status, Inspection Findings, Item Resolution, and Item Disposition.
  • Admin can fully configure the list of selections that appear on Return Reason Codes, WARRANTY STATUS, Inspection Findings, Item Resolution, and Item Disposition.
  • Admin can fully configure RMA website verbiages like Introduction Page, and Product Return Policy
  • Robust features for configuring how your RMA website handles what production information is encoded by customers.
  • Support for automatic Product Code Validation. Your system validates product codes and automatically rejects invalid codes.
  • Support for automatic Serial Number Validation. Your system validates product codes and automatically rejects invalid Serial Numbers.
  • Support for manual product encoding by customers and manual validation by vendor. Applicable to those that have very limited number of inventory items.
  • Customer can do a quick status check just by entering a Tracking Number.
  • Customer can upload attachments (picture files like JPG, GIF, PNG and PDF documents) to an RMA request
  • A scannable Code 3 of 9 barcode can be printed on customer's Packing Slip, making receiving of RMA faster by using barcode scanners
  • Allows preset, custom or manual RMA Case status.
  • Administrator can assign different Case Status to be applied automatically to RMA on certain events.
  • Each data list supports dynamic searching capabilities. Easily navigate your inventory data, customer accounts, etc.
  • Generate pre-paid USPS "returns" label
  • Generate pre-paid FEDEX "returns" label
  • Generate pre-paid UPS "returns" label

3 Easy Steps for setting up your own web-based RMA System

  1. If you're a manufacturer, distributor, supplier or any type of vendor, just sign up! Pick a unique name for your RMA System. Example: "MyCompany". You will get a free hosted RMA web-address like "https://MyCompany.rmaportal.com"
  2. After signing up, you need to configure your preferences, upload your own logo, upload inventory, upload accounts, etc. You can also change your RMA web-address to a totally custom domain name, like "https://rma.MyCompany.com", or "OhYouGetThePoint.com"
  3. Done! Now that you have your own hosted RMA System, you just need to let your customers know about it. Best way is to put a link somewhere on your company's main website.

RMA Portal's Customer-Returns cloud-based software has the lowest cost-per-user among other available tools out there while even providing the most flexibility and ease of use. It's a no-brainer! If you look around on the web, you'll see that we offer the most cost-effective solution for managing your product returns.

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