Web-Based RMA System | Technical Features

3 Easy Steps for setting up your own web-based RMA System

  1. If you're a manufacturer, distributor, supplier or any type of vendor, just sign up! Pick a unique name for your RMA System. Example: "MyCompany". You will get a free hosted RMA web-address like "http://MyCompany.rmaportal.com"
  2. After signing up, you need to configure your preferences, upload your own logo, upload inventory, upload accounts, etc. You can also change your RMA web-address to a totally custom domain name, like "http://rma.MyCompany.com", or "OhYouGetThePoint.com"
  3. Done! Now that you have your own hosted RMA System, you just need to let your customers know about it. Best way is to put a link somewhere on your company's main website.

General RMA System features

  • Fully customize ANY TEXT on your front-end or customer-facing RMA System.
  • Responsive web design (RWD) - Customer facing user interface is designed for optimal viewing experience accross all devices including smart phones, tablets and modern desktops.
  • Translate ANY TEXT on your front-end or customer-facing RMA System to ANY LANGUAGE that conforms to ISO/IEC 8859-1
  • Custom domain name for your own personalized RMA System. Supports custom sub-domain name or full domain name.
  • No need to download and/or install programs to your computer. All data and processes are hosted online in a service "cloud". Vendors and customer can access RMA status anytime of the day.
  • Multiple users or CSR accounts. Each account having its own login and password. Different customers can be assigned to designated CSRs which enhances control and accountability.
  • Designed for any type of vendors - Manufacturers, Distributors, Suppliers.
  • Business To Business (B2B) Returns Processing.
  • Business To Consumers (B2C) Returns Processing.
  • Configurable via administration link.
  • Support for Single, or Multiple items per or RMA Case
  • Paperless returns processing.
  • Automatic email notifications for customers when new updates to their RMA Case are available.
  • Automatic email notifications for vendor when new RMA Requests are on the way, or are pending.
  • 24 x 7 RMA System availability
  • Can upload Product Codes or Model Codes from CSV files
  • Can upload Customer Accounts from CSV files
  • Associate PDF or image attachments to an RMA for supplemental information
  • Generate RMA Number barcode
  • Automated Internal Notifications for multi-department messaging eliminates manually emailing your coworkers for case status updates.
  • Automatic Warranty Check Validation gives your full control on what passes thru the RMA request process.
  • Product Serial Number validator steamlines your returns-validation process so that only products with valid serial numbers under warranty are handled correctly.
  • Complete online customer assistance from creating an account, submitting inquiries, password recovery, case status check and case follow-up.
  • Customers can print pre-formatted packaging label, RMA form before shipping items.
  • Vendors do not need programming experience. All controls and operations are web-driven.
  • Incredibly easy to use! Customer Service Reps will be so much more productive.
  • Powerful Reporting Features (with graphs and statistics) that will enable management and decision makers see the big picture.
  • Multi-department internal automated message deployments as an RMA case moves from one status to another.
  • Optional RESTful Web-APIs are available for developers
Specific RMA Processing features
  • Review, reject or approve new RMA Requests
  • Review, reject or approve existing RMA Cases
  • Assign automatically generated RMA Numbers.
  • Support for custom formatting of RMA Number.
  • Support for manual RMA Number assignment.
  • Automatic email sent to customer upon RMA Case Approval
  • Support for multiple vendor receiving centers
  • Reject or Approve individual items from multiple-itema RMA
  • Support for encoding individual item status like Warranty Status, Inspection Findings, Item Resolution, and Item Disposition.
  • Admin can fully configure the list of selections that appear on Return Reason Codes, WARRANTY STATUS, Inspection Findings, Item Resolution, and Item Disposition.
  • Admin can fully configure RMA website verbiages like Introduction Page, and Product Return Policy
  • Robust features for configuring how your RMA website handles what production information is encoded by customers.
  • Support for automatic Product Code Validation. Your system validates product codes and automatically rejects invalid codes.
  • Support for automatic Serial Number Validation. Your system validates product codes and automatically rejects invalid Serial Numbers.
  • Support for manual product encoding by customers and manual validation by vendor. Applicable to those that have very limited number of inventory items.
  • Customer can do a quick status check just by entering a Tracking Number.
  • Customer upload attachments (picture files like JPG, GIF, PNG and PDF documents) to an RMA request
  • A scannable Code 3 of 9 barcode can be printed on customer's Packing Slip, making receiving of RMA faster by using barcode scanners
  • Allows preset, custom or manual RMA Case status.
  • Administrator can assign different Case Status to be applied automatically to RMA on certain events.
  • Each data list supports dynamic searching capabilities. Easily navigate your inventory data, customer accounts, etc.
  • Generate pre-paid USPS "returns" label
  • Generate pre-paid FEDEX "returns" label
  • Generate pre-paid UPS "returns" label

RMA Portal's Customer-Returns cloud-based software has the lowest cost-per-user among other available tools out there while even providing the most flexibility and ease of use. It's a no-brainer! If you look around on the web, you'll see that we offer the most cost effective solution for managing your product returns.


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