Return Material Authorization (RMA) Software Support and Frequestly Asked Questions (FAQ)

I'm a vendor, how do I start using to serve my customers?

Using RMAPORTAL.COM's automated product returns management system is a as easy as using your e-commerce store, but having an e-commerce or online store is not a requirement. We have various types of customers that have been leveraging our system from retail, distributions, forwarding and dispatch, etc. Their products vary from simple shopping, convenience, specialty, unsought good and even medical equipment/supplies. You can use our returns portal from a simple straight-forward product returns tracking, and/or into more complex or specialized reverse-logistics operations.

When using in a common implementation of a simple returns management, customers may submit RMA requests on the front-end side of your RMA website and you or the admin manage (by approving or rejecting) those requests into full RMA Cases through your back-end admin console or command center. A sales representative or any of your staff may also create an RMA entry for a customer.

You and your customer receive automatic email notifications, and either party can check the status of each RMA case at any time of the day just by logging in to your portal. You can also have special email notifications sent to different departments as triggered by different events as the products returns case moves from different statuses, more of this and other features.
This is just the tip of the iceberg; the system offers many use cases and features that will help you manage product returns a lot better.

Note: If your company's requirements are VERY UNIQUE, make sure to read about our Premium Customization Service.

Here's a general procedure in 3 easy steps:

1. Create a vendor account.
You will be asked to give a name to your RMA website.
After a successful registration, your own RMA web address will be created and will be readily accessible. You will have your own RMA front-end website and a corresponding admin link.

2. Configure your RMA.
Your RMA website operates dynamically. It functions based on the settings or preferences that you set in the back-end admin link. Those preferences dictate how your system accepts and validates RMA requests made by your customers, how RMA numbers are formulated, what are visible to your customers, etc. You also need to edit your site's verbiages like introduction, contact us, and most especially -- your Returns Policy statement.

3. Encode products and customer records.
You can also upload a CSV file that contains a list of your products and customer accounts. This will save you tremendous time in copying your data into your RMA Portal website.

That's it! Now you only need to just announce your new RMA website address to your customers.

How do my customers submit an RMA Request to my website?

First, your customers need to know that you have an automated RMA website so let your customers know about it! Ideally, place a link to your RMA website on your main website. When customers click that link from your main website, they can sign up an account and start submitting requests. You can also create an account for them right on your admin page

Below is a typical flow of events of how your customer creates an RMA request and how you manage them:

1. Customer clicks the "Submit a new Request for RMA" link to encode the details of the item he wishes to return. Upon submission of the request, an email notification gets dispatched to the designated vendor account, and a copy to the customer.

2. Through the website's back-end link, vendor reviews the request and approves the request the request and assigns an RMA Number. An email gets dispatched to the customer notifying him of the update.

3. Upon receiving the notification, customer logs back into your system and prints the RMA form and packing slip, ships the items.

4. Vendor receives and processes the RMA. Customer will get a constant notification for any progress updates made to the RMA case until completion.

Can I customize my portal by myself?

Yes. We know that you may have different set of requirements that are different from other vendors despite the many similarities in the product returns procedure in general. Those differences may exist even among vendors in the same industry. For example, you can suppress some existing fields that you don't need, you may rename them with your own, and even create your own User-Defined fields and set them to required or not.

You may configure how your customers will enter the product info and how they will be validated, you can also customize the wordings or texts that your customers see, even change them entirely to a different language.
Those are just a few, there are many other feature settings that you can turn on and off by yourself directly from the admin console.

The requirements of my department (or my company) are very unique and require many custom logic to handle many use cases. Can you support deep level customization?

Yes. Apart from our ready-made packaged solutions which can handle a vast array of different product-returns-management requirements, we also provide customization on as-needed basis. In fact, a great number of our enterprise customers have benefited from our Premium Customization Service.

We have dealt with many different reverse-logistics situations and not only can we provide you with a custom solution that is specific to your unique requirements, but we can also guide and help you hone your requirements further, using our years of experience in the field and based on industry best practices.

More info?

We will keep on updating this page. Many other specific technical features and details of which are available for viewing when you logged in. If you have specific question that is not yet addressed here, feel free to send them through the "Submit your Feedback" link.
We have provided highly customized version for some of our bigger clients that require company-specific features. We have extensive experience in the field of reverse-logistics. If you have unique needs like them, just tell us and we'll provide a free assessment.

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