Product Returns Management Software

RMA Portal's cloud-based product returns management software can help you transform customer experiences that are inherently negative into a valuable strategic opportunity.

A returns management software is a tool that savvy e-tailers these days use to keep their customers happy. This type of software is a must-have if you're selling stuff, especially if you are selling online. As a matter of fact, there is still a great deal of benefits that you can get from a web-based returns management software even if you're selling just offline. Automating a returns processing is not only highly recommended, it should be mandatory.


First and foremost, time-savings. The amount of time you will save when your returns processing is automated is a tremendous benefit by itself. Imagine the cumbersome procedures involved when facilitating a return of merchandize from a customer under a manual process. Typically, a sales rep receives a phone call from a customer. Sales rep will have to get the specifics of what the customer is returning, the reason for returning the item, and what action he wants in order to be completely satisfied with the product returns process.

Ok, so your sales rep was busy alright - but NOT productive! A sales rep could have used his time doing sales and other office tasks that will actually help the company make more cash. It's not that helping a customer to process a product return is not productive in itself, it is rightly so but it can be delegated to a product returns software, especially one that is web-based. A customer could have helped himself very easily and most customers actually enjoy doing things online. Using an excellent product returns software system could be as easy as just filling out a web form.

Self-help online returns processing software

Now, here's a typical flow of events when your product returns processing is automated. Customer will first log in to your secured web-based software using his unique email address and password. The self-help online returns processing software will prompt the customer to enter the item model number of the item he is returning or simply pick from a list, and ask customer to select from a vendor-pre-defined list of return reasons and actions items. As soon as customer verifies the information he provided and submits the RMA request, an automatic email notification is sent to the vendor.

A fast and efficient automated product returns processing software is more critical

A productive sales rep does mostly productive tasks. Proactive tasks typically involve doing a lot of sales calls. Since helping a customer to facilitate a product returns is also tantamount to the vendor's list of general objectives, it only comes secondary to creating sales. This is not in any way demoting the importance of customer returns processing, it is a sensitive part of customer base building and for that fact makes it more ideal for automation. A vendor cannot afford to make mistakes when dealing with a customer who is returning a product. The customer is already not in his best mood to begin with, even probably pissed if the reason for return is a shipping handling error, and that's why having a fast and efficient automated returns processing software is more critical.

Leading online software for managing product returns

RMAPORTAL has transformed from a simple beginning into one of the most efficient and practical solution to handling product returns. It started out solving specific product returns handling issues of a small number of distributors, especially the flow of steps in returning a product between vendors and their customers. RMAPORTAL solved a niche problem of automating the reverse logistics of handling product returns.

RMAPORTAL online product returns handling software is super simple and easy to setup to a vendor’s specifications whether you are a manufacturer, a distributor, or a small to medium supplier. You will not have to install even a single software on your desktop because it is a web-based application. Moreover, it’s not just a web-based but it’s also a “responsive” application so it adjusts automatically for a customer who is using a mobile device.

If you want to make your online store appear more trustworthy in the eyes of your customers, improve your sales and support reps productivity and just plain adjust to the improvement in technology in this day in age, then check out today and find out how you can implement your own custom product returns management software.

Avoid common mistakes in handling product returns

RMAPORTAL implements the right amount of balance between ease-of-use for the customers and the right amount of gate-keeping for you as vendors. That balance sets the tone for responsible product returns practices by customer; i.e. a vendor management returns system that is not susceptible to abuse by customers. Our software will help you avoid the most common mistakes when automating and/or handling your product returns by customers.

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