"WARRANTY MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE" that is designed for Manufacturers and Distributors with high-value customers, and with relatively low to really high-volume transactions.

What is a "Warranty Management Software"?

A "warranty management software" is a modern tool that tech-savvy manufacturers use for handling product warranty resolutions; it is a replacement for archaic systems, like Notepad and Excel spreadsheets, and avoid mistake-prone manual processes to reduce the claim-to-repair turn around times. Resolving a customer complaint over endless threads of email between service reps and customers is not an acceptable solution anymore. But, a software that will automate your warranty handling will immensely improve the quality of service to your customers; bringing with it exponential gains to your overall service team’s productivity.

An effective "WARRANTY MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE" that can help shorten the product downtime will benefit both your customers and ultimately your company's brand. Constantly improving the customer’s perception of your brand quality is always beneficial.


"Over the next five years, customer experience will overtake product and price as the main differentiator among brands, according to 61% of shippers and logistics service providers surveyed in 2019 by BluJay Solutions, Adelante SCM, and the Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals"
Source: Inbound Logistics

RMAPORTAL warranty management software is designed for Manufacturers and Distributors with high-value customers, from simple ecommerce retail stores, up to those dealing with wholesale customers. It is an ideal solution for manufacturers that receive returns or warranty claims, from low to medium quantity of returns transactions, including those with high-volume-order customers. Our software's ability to capture the customer complaint very accurately, and have those requests into the hands of your service team helps big company brands to fix the problem right away and in so doing maintain their good reputation. Those returns transactions, especially with big volumes of returns-for-product-exchanges can be easily handled by our solution.

RMAPORTAL warranty management software is also notable for manufacturers with expensive and/or high-value products because it is highly customer-oriented. Since a big part of customers' decision making process when planning a purchase of expensive or high-end products is the high expectations about the level of post-purchase support for that product. Smart customers believe they are buying more than the physical item itself but the speed of support and warranty handling of the brand.

Unlike expectations with product quality, customers also value intangible assertions such as reliability, dependability, or availability of after-purchase support. Setting this expectation for customers and delivering on them is critical to your company's brand value. This elevates the sense of automating your product warranty handling so that customers are kept happy about their purchase and confident that they will be taken care of should anything go wrong with the product.


“Value is created by the producer. From a customer’s standpoint, this is why producers exist…. The critical starting point for lean thinking is value. Value can only be defined by the ultimate customer. And it’s only meaningful when expressed in terms of a specific product (a good or service, often both at once) which meets the customer’s needs at a specific point in time.”
- Lean Thinking.

If you are a manufacturer that subscribes to "Lean Thinking" in manufacturing, then you know that one of its principles is "VALUE". You must deliver the value that the customer expects. First, that value must be obvious in the product. Secondly, it's the after-sales support which is in terms of quickly resolving their complaint with the product. Customers without a doubt need speedy feedback and resolution as the "value" that they need to get to a specific point in time - which is always sooner rather than later. We live in an instant society today, one that has to have everything quicker and faster. RMAPORTAL's warranty management software has this type of solution.

Customers want quick response. If your repairs and warranty procedure is too complex then your repair department's risks of displeasing the customer is too high. That is why you need a reliable and agile solution. By using RMAPORTAL warranty management software - a "light" and nimble but powerful solution, your Technicians, Warranty Specialist & Customer Service Team are immediately empowered to resolve warranty claims for repairs and replacements resulting in a quick turnaround time for customers. To deliver that kind of value, manufacturers need to automate managing of warranty, complaints, and maintenance contracts to enhance after-sales processes.

RMAPORTAL solution will help you take a "lean" approach to manufacturing support as opposed to "traditional" approach. The problem with solutions that are too big and those that promise to be a one-stop solution to all your needs is that it leaves too many work-in-progress initiatives. Who is the person in your company that has time to tie-together all those modular systems? Systems that are too "bulky" and complicated will turn your company into a slow moving behemoth as you waste time in training, license renewal monitoring, managing "seat" rights to use the system, instead of helping customers.


High-value customers or “super consumers” are clients on whom the survival and profitability of a business depend on. These customers can be a big chunk of your business, or they can also be those who have immense passion for your product and are very loyal to your product. It is of vital importance to keep these customers, so doing an extra service for them should not be frowned upon. A part of that extra service can be taking care of the submission of their claim for them, meaning submitting the returns request on behalf of the customer. This is something that you can easily do using RMAPORTAL’s warranty management software. A customer service rep may create the request from the admin console, and let the system handle the rest, including the sending of notification updates to the customer.


Another key advantage that RMAPORTAL's warranty management software brings is consistent updates to customers. The warranty management app's consistent instant notifications to customers every time their product claim is updated keeps their mind at ease. Those timely updates ameliorate a customer pain point - the uncertainty and waiting. It prevents them from potentially sharing their frustration on social media, which is a really terrible and costly but avoidable problem for manufacturers in keeping their brand value.

RMAPORTAL is an outstanding warranty management software that is highly suitable for Manufacturers and distributors needing to automate repairs handling and service requests because it is designed to accommodate unique business needs and use-cases for handling warranty, replacement, repair, credit or refund. It provides your service team with many flexible configurations and settings so that you can tailor it to your unique way of resolving warranty claims. Our warranty management software is a trusted out-of-the-box solution, to handle processing of customer product returns whether it is for routine care and maintenance, annual or biennial service, routine service or calibration. This is a powerful warranty management software that is highly customizable and user friendly.

Establish and increase customer confidence by knowing that each case's warranty processing notes history is well kept and can be easily reviewed, from the moment a claim was submitted up to the point the case is closed. This is also one of the key features of RMAPORTAL that will benefit you.


The inter-department alerts feature of RMAPORTAL warranty management software sends automatic email alerts to enhance collaboration with all stakeholders including Service Team, Quality Assurance, Repair, Manufacturing, Engineering, Accounting and Finance departments. This has immense benefit because if product support is to be the cornerstones of your organization's corporate cultures and values then all necessary departments must be involved and informed all throughout the claim-to-repair-completion.


Remember that customer retention is far cheaper than customer acquisition. Loyal customers are more profitable, loyal customers are more forgiving.. so use a solution that concentrates on pleasing your customer. A customer centric solution must be every manufacturer's dominant strategy. By thinking and approaching your choice of solution that way, your customers will stick with your brand and will not shift to competitors. Overall, you will retain customers naturally.

Product support need not be complicated and over-the-top. The most important aspect of customer support is early and timely response, so that the customer is assured that he or she is being taken care of.

Even new manufacturers that are only in the early stages of a market growth should be sophisticated enough to take advantage of modern web-supported technologies and should combine product support with marketing strategy. Your product support strategy which includes automation of product warranty returns must be integrated with an overall game plan that is in-sync with product development and marketing.

Subscribing to RMAPORTAL "warranty management software" is a sound, cost-effective investment. We provide adequate training manuals for your service representatives and our cost is just a fraction of other solutions that are way too expensive and too complex. Getting them off the ground takes time, while your customers await.

Our simple subscription model allows manufacturers and distributors of high-value products to implement the best "warranty management software" IN TERMS OF FLEXIBILITY AND COST, without investmenting heavily in infrastructure, and time-consuming implementation training contracts. Global manufacturers of state-of-the-art and/or expensive products like appliances, electronics, hobby & recreational gadgets, automotive parts, heavy machineries and equipment, medical equipment and parts can greatly benefit from our software. Register now!

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